Warming Up The Living Room: Six Stylish Fireplace Screens

Living Room Fireplace

The spacious living room of the farmhouse features a brick fireplace right in the center. A must-have for creating a cozy environment on the coldest of Nebraska evenings, we’re fortunate to have it. And it’s already been converted to gas. We know purists may disagree, but we prefer the simplicity and on/off safety of gas over traditional wood-burning fires.

While we love the dark brick and substantial wood mantle, we’re less enamored with the brushed brass fireplace doors. They feel a bit dated and obscure the view of the fire. 

Our plan is to remove the doors to give the fireplace a cleaner, more contemporary look. That said, with two puppies that get into everything, we need a protective barrier to keep tails out of danger and prevent them from trying to eat the gravel around the gas logs. (Yes, they eat gravel. No, we don’t understand it either.)

Here are six great fireplace screens that we think would be great in a farmhouse. Check them out and let us know which you like most.

Shades of Light

Dark Rust Fire Screen



Gunmetal Fireplace Screen


West Elm

Deco Antique Brass Fireplace Screen


Williams Sonoma Home

Jackson Brass Fireplace Screen


Woodland Direct

Twist Handled Black Spark Guard Screen


Pottery Barn

Industrial Fireplace Single Screen in Brass


Which screen do you think would be the best fit for our farmhouse fireplace? Let us know your favorite pick in the comments below!

  1. Thom Miner says:

    The Pottery Barn brass fireplace screen looks as though it might be the best choice. It’s sturdy enough for potentially getting knocked into by the dogs and survive the day and it’s sort of industrial looking.

  2. Brenda N. says:

    The Shades of Light one seems best for a traditional farm look (with the nod to the sliding barn door hardware), the one from Pottery Barn also has a nice rustic look, but leans a bit more “factory” vs. “farmhouse”. The West Elm one would fit into a modern farmhouse if that’s the ultimate goal overall. Those would be my choices in order – good luck!

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