Warming Up The Living Room: The Reveal

A few weeks ago, we told you about the living room fireplace and asked for your help finding the perfect screen for the hearth.

The “Before” Photo

Okay, believe it or not, but we were all set to order the Twist Handled Black Spark Guard Screen, but your overwhelming preference for the Dark Rust Fire Screen changed our minds. Check out the results of your votes below:

Can you tell that Chris spends a lot of time creating spreadsheets?

So we pulled the old brass fireplace doors off and ordered the Shades of Light Dark Rust Fireplace Screen! And…we waited.

In the meantime, we had to get our old home ready to sell. That meant cleaning it out and bringing most of our belongs to the farm. Also in the meantime, our pups Howdy and Rooster decided that they enjoy munching on the lava rocks at the bottom of the fireplace hearth surrounding the gas logs. Because they’re dogs, and a dog’s number one priority is finding unique new ways to drive his owners crazy.

So with the necessity of removing everything from our old house and the pressing issue of puppies swallowing rocks, we grabbed the fireplace screen from our old home and stuck it in front of the fireplace in the farmhouse and…it was perfect.

Not so much a design triumph but a happy accident, the rather pricey but lovely brass screen we’d previously ordered from Restoration Hardware lives on and we now get to return the popular favorite from Shades of Light. (It’s still sitting in the shipping box as shown below.)

The Shades of Light screen, ready to head back to the vendor.

The Finished Fireplace

Well, not finished finished, but the current state of the fireplace with new screen in place and some of our art and accessories joining it.

If you want to pick up the “Courchevel Fireplace Mesh Screen Panel” from RH, you’re in luck. We paid full price for it a few years ago, but it’s currently on clearance for about half price at $260. You can find it on Restoration Hardware’s site.

Feel free to let us know if we made the wrong decision below in the comments. It’s okay…you won’t hurt our feelings. 😉

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